Monday, September 10, 2012

Mailbox Monday

Ahhh the wonderful and terrifying feeling that comes with adding books to my TBR shelf :)
 Let's see what I have gathered shall we?


I snagged up these lovelies from a trade with Braun Books ! Just in time for the Tiger's Destiny Release party! I have already read both and LOVED THEM! 


Shelly over at Tsk Tsk What to Read was super nice and lent me her ARC copy of Tiger's Destiny since I was unable to get a finished copy just yet. Too bad the ending is not included >.<


A couple of members of Novels, News and Notes from your Northwest Neighbors got together before the Tiger's Destiny Party and traded Books! I am super excited for these! Thanks a bunch to Sarah over at Novel Novice and Mel from Shot InThe Arm !


HUGE thanks to Benji over at The Non Reluctant Reader !!! I have already finished this one and my rave review will be up in a day or so!! 


  Oh my GOSH I am so excited!!!!!!

Nook Freebies

 They all looked interesting! ... And I horde free nook books >.< Lol

.. I think I may have overdone it .... wait.. No I didn't!! I LOVE BOOKS ! haha 

Feel free to leave comments! Have you read any these? Want to? 
Have a Mailbox post? Leave me a link to visit you back! :) 

- Happy Reading!


  1. SO excited for Splintered!! I've heard amazing things about the Tiger's Curse series, too. Enjoy all the new goodies!

  2. I read UnEnchanted, and enjoyed it. I'm about in the middle of Elemental, and while the premise is interesting, the writing is a little disjointed... hm. Doesn't really make me want to keep picking it up. 'Specially when I'm in the middle of a very strange, interesting, random, crazy, funny novel called John Dies at the End. (not YA)


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