Saturday, April 7, 2012

I.M.M ...Kinda


But WAIT it's not what you think! I didn't get anything in my mailbox this week >.< ( sad panda ) So this week I am replacing it with what I shall call "In My Mind" featuring YA book themed art!! 

Why "In My Mind" ? Because it's all about how readers/artists picture scenes and characters in books! We all see/read things differently and I love it!

Up this week:


She has been working on a series of YA lit inspired Photography, 
and it continues to blow me away! 
Here are 2 few of my favorites :) 

Can You guess what 2 books these photos were inspired by!? Try and guess in the comments below! Come on guys. Don't Cheat! let's have fun :) 

If you have already seen her blog please don't "play" feel free to leave comments- Just don't give away the answers!

Then afterwards, drop by her blog and see if you were right! She has more YA inspired photography to share!

I love these so much I know I will be buying a set of prints once the series is done! >.< I love Bookish art!

Do you know an artist you would like to see featured? Send me a link or message so I can chat with them!


  1. Oh, I love her work! I need to check it out!
    The first one I believe has to be inspired by some kind of zombie, alien book maybe and the second one faintly looks like Across The Universe or maybe Wintergirls?

    Tell me if I got them right or wrong! I can't have my analyzing reputation go down the drain! :)

  2. Those are fantastic! I really like the one on her page for Daughter of Smoke and Bone, so pretty!

    1. I love that one as well! Now i really need to read the book so I can understand it better >.<

  3. I've been checking out her blog, too, thanks to you. And, these pictures had me stumped, so I did cheat, but I won't say what the answers are! ;) I absolutely love all of her pictures inspired by YA books.

  4. As a photography lover, I find this both beautiful and inspiring! I love all of the photos on her blog. Thank you for posting.

    1. Your welcome ! I love all kinds of art! It's amazing to see what people can come up with :)

  5. Thanks for this! The first image is amazing! :o

  6. I kinda think the first is The Forests of hands and Teeth. The second one looks like Drowning something the name eludes me at the moment.

  7. Oh this is so cool! Um, I have absolutely no clue about the first one but is the second one inspired by Across the Universe? I can't wait to go check out her website! Thanks for sharing =)


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