Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog Hiatus - Ish

Ok guys. As you have probably noticed my posts and reviews have been few and far between. I'm sorry. I have... so much going on right now o.O Though at times it seems like I have alot of spare time.. I feel like I need some of that spare time.. just for myself for a bit.

 I recently got more hours at work.. Which is great, but it's still not totally cutting it. I'm working on my art in some of my spare time hoping that I can fill up my etsy shop and fill in the Gaps - if you want to see the projects i'm currently trying to start up check it out HERE
With all of this combined I am just feeling a little overwhelmed. And I have a bad habit of letting the stress pile up until I make myself sick.. so I'm trying to be responsible this time.

I will of course still be reading. It's my escape and helps me relax. And I am going to try and get caught up on some reviews and hopefully get some things scheduled so I am not typing everything up the same night that I want to post.. Gotta work on my organization skills lol. 

I love my blog. I don't want anyone thinking that I am just going to up and leave. It's just still all very new to me and I need to work on how to integrate it into my life the right way, and not let myself get sucked in and overwhelmed. 

It should only be a few weeks. And I will probably pop in every now and then :) I will still be on Twitter sharing about my fundraiser and chatting about bookish things! I just won't be Everywhere All the time. Hopefully by the time I get back I will have a big Swag giveaway to share with you all :) So many authors have been so generous! I even have a few books to throw in! 

In the Words of Arnold Schwarzenegger " I'll Be Back. " ! 


  1. Sometimes you just need a break, I can so relate to that, stress is just a vicious circle. All the best.

  2. We'll be here waiting for you! You gotta take care of yourself. :)

  3. Sometimes you just have to step back and do a little less. Blogging is something that can easily take over. I have a rule of only an hour a day. It's not much but it's enough to write my reviews and visit a couple of blogs as well as read my emails. Real life is much more important!


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