Friday, August 31, 2012

Glitch: Review

Glitch (Glitch #1) by Heather Anastasiu

Paperback, 371 pages
Published August 7th 2012 by St. Martin's Press

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviews, all thoughts and opinions are my own! 
Big thanks to St.Martins Press and Netgalley!**

 In the Community, there is no more pain or war. Implanted computer chips have wiped humanity clean of destructive emotions, and thoughts are replaced by a feed from the Link network.

When Zoe starts to malfunction (or “glitch”), she suddenly begins having her own thoughts, feelings, and identity. Any anomalies must be immediately reported and repaired, but Zoe has a secret so dark it will mean certain deactivation if she is caught: her glitches have given her uncontrollable telekinetic powers.

As Zoe struggles to control her abilities and stay hidden, she meets other glitchers including Max, who can disguise his appearance, and Adrien, who has visions of the future. Both boys introduce Zoe to feelings that are entirely new. Together, this growing band of glitchers must find a way to free themselves from the controlling hands of the Community before they’re caught and deactivated, or worse.

Glitch (Glitch, #1)

I had an immediate connection with this story. From the first chapter I just KNEW it was going to be awesome! Thankfully my gut feeling was right.

One of the ways I would describe this book is.. The Giver by Lois Lowry Meets Uglies by Scott Westerfield. I am not saying I feel like it was a complete mesh of the two stories. But it has moments that were reminiscent of each that really worked well combined!

Heather Anastasiu did a wonderful job creating a story where I could FEEL the emotions radiating off the pages. When Zoe glitches, it's like she is really living for the first time. Experiencing everything with a sense of wonder. Like, a blind person seeing a sunset, or def person hearing music for the first time. As Zoe felt these emotions I felt these emotions. And it made my feeling towards "The Community" even more intense everytime her glitches stopped and she went back to being a mindless drone like everyone else.

This story seriously has it all. Romance, Action, adventure, drama and so much more. The author created characters that were dynamic and not run of the mill, which I loved, even if it made me HATE one of them.

There was.. a few awkward parts. Where it was hard for me to get past the fact that, that probably was how a guy in this situation ( having sexual feelings for the first time ) would have acted and spoken, and the fact that the wording was just... so .... WEIRD. But I don't want to spoil it. Let's just say I had a grimace on my face.

I easily moved past this aspect as the author continued to weave a tale that had me biting my lip and turning the pages.

The world created in Glitch is one that was easy for me to imagine coming true. This could be because of how many NOVA shows my boyfriend has me sit through ( There is some CRAZY science out there guys ) As well as the perfect world building that had me sucked in!

The twists and turns will keep you on your toes. The Romance will have you swooning and outraged. And the Overall story will have you begging for more!

Rating : 4.5/5 !

Does this sound like something you are interested in? Why or why not?! I love hearing feedback in the comments!  

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  1. HA I totally agree about the guy with the weird feelings and his... ahem.. words of choice. That was VERY awkward! But I agree, I loved this book and connected to it INSTANTLY!

    awesome review!! Can't wait for Override

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  2. I completely agree about the guy's feelings in this...I was like "woah!", I laughed at first but then I just started to get a bit creeped out by him. I did love the book though, and I'm buying an actual copy when I get the chance.
    Great review!

  3. I've read some mixed reviews about this book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I might have to give it a try now!

  4. I had this on my Kindle, but when I tried to read it I just couldn't get into it for some reason. I'm weird with books sometimes, haha. Sometimes I can't read certain books on my Kindle, I have to have an actual copy in front of me. This could be one of the reasons why I couldn't get into this book when I first tried it out a couple of months ago.

    After reading your fantastic review, I'll definitely have to check it out again. :D


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