Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mailbox Monday ( Extremely belated edition )

It's been quite awhile since I have done a mailbox post ! So here is what I have gotten in the course of the last 2 months- Not counting my random Nook book buys!

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For Review from Publishers / Review sites/ Authors

I always feel honored when an author sends me their book directly from them, and The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse is no exception! My review is already up on the blog and you DEFINITELY need to go check it out!
Read my Review of the Forsaken !

A HUGE thank you to St.Martins Press :) Not only did I receive Wake by Amanda Hocking from them, but ALSO Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon! She is my FAVORITE Paranormal Romance author. This will be my first non-YA Review book and I am so excited! At the last minute I also received Glitch by Heather Anastasiu ! Already started and finished this one, and guys? I can't wait to write my review!

Time Untime (Dark-Hunter, #17; Hellchaser, #5)Wake (Watersong, #1)Glitch (Glitch, #1)

An Ear splitting THANK YOU to Spencer Hill Press for sending me Deity and Cursed By Jennifer L. Armentrout! Prepare for some epic reviews ;)
Deity (Covenant, #3)Cursed

Also a big thank you to Random Buzzers! I am an Ambuzzador this summer and received this wonderful package with The Book Of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman.
The Book of Blood and Shadow

And last but in NO WAY least. A big thank you to Epic reads for sending me Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson! I have already started this one and am LOVING it.
Tiger Lily

Gifted/ Won 
I was lucky enough to Win Endlessly by Kiersten White through an Epic Reads giveaway! 
I can't wait to dive in!
Endlessly (Paranormalcy, #3)
I also Won a copy of Reveal from the amazing author herself- Brina Courtney ! I was also given a copy of Reveal and Capture for review, and you should really go check out my thoughts! 
Reveal (Cryptid Tales)
Read my review of Reveal!
Read my review of Capture!

Dark Eden by Patrick Carmen was Gifted to me by the amazing Jessirae over at Words, Pages and Books .. Seriously. She is awesome. Check out her blog!
Dark Eden (Dark Eden, #1) And finally,

I was gifted a copy of ReVamped by Ada Adams straight from her lovely self! I am so happy to have this on my shelf! I was also gifted an e-copy earlier on and my review can be found below!
ReVamped (Angel Creek, #1)
Read my review of ReVamped!

What have you guys received lately that you are excited about? Did I receive anything that you Loved? Hated? 
Or Can't wait for!?
Feel free to leave links in the comments and I will visit you back! 

In related bookish news : 
I received my blank t-shirt order!! 

Why does this matter you ask? 
Because it means I can make things like This! 

These shirts can now be found on my etsy shop!
Bookish Designs 
If you want to order a shirt feel free to use the code OPENINGWEEK to get 20% till the 7th! 
( will ship internationally! )


  1. My goodness. So many goodies! And your tee shirts are awesome! :D

  2. YAY for Deity and Endlessly! I haven't started Endlessly yet, but I'm so excited for it!

    1. I haven't started it yet either! I'm scared for it to end >.<

  3. Yay! I'm so glad to see it on your shelf! It's real now.

    1. It was real when I opened up the package and held it in my hand!! It Looks lovely on my shelf :D

  4. Those shirts are so epic! I would so buy the HP one, except I spent all my money on books a few days ago :/

    1. Thanks so much! And they are not going anywhere :D I hope you can get one some day!

  5. OH, I love the Hogwarts shirt!!! Great books, I can't wait to dive into Deity!

  6. I am so jealous you have an actual copy of Glitch! I really enjoy that one. I love the Ambuzzador program I'm going to sign back up for the Winter one I think.
    Awesome haul!

  7. So cool! Love the t-shirt designs. I may have to get me one!

    1. I would love to have some bloggers rockin my designs!

  8. Amazing haul sweetheart ! <333
    You got Forsaken wow!!! Looking forward to hear your thoughts on that one. It sounds totally amazing!!!

    Happy reading!

  9. I LOVED TIGER LILY! It was just so awesome!!! While reading I had the urge to re-watch Peter Pan haha

    As for everything else ..HOLY CHIZ!! That's A LOT of stuff! AND YOU GOT GLITCH!!! I still have to read it :P But the cover? LOVE <3

  10. First, I am so jelly of your book stash, especially of Deity and Cursed by JLA! I freakin love that woman! Happy Reading!Second, I really need to get me one of your shirts! Everytime I see you post about them on the Twitter I twitch because I badly want one, unfortunately my monies have to be spent on college stuff, but on my next splurging opportunity, I'm getting me one!!!

    K. Bo Baron from
    Bo Baron Presents: The Extreme Book Readers Club's Bomb Diggity Blog

    Ps. Third, New Follower!!


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