Thursday, November 17, 2011

Between The Sea and Sky Prequel comics!

Found on Jaclyn Dolamore's Blog : 

Ever wanted to see a little more of Esmerine and Alan's childhood? Well, I drew a series of comic strips about it, and here's the first one. This one is the worst, because I started out with a fine tipped pen and I didn't like the first panel at all. If I were truly an artist, I would have redrawn it. But I'm lazy. 
So I didn't. It gets better from here.

I have to say.. I thought these were super adorable. And after reading the book I really wanted to know how Esmerine and Alan met and became friends! So this was so fun to find. I kinda want to have a copy of the book Between the Sky and Sea.. With these little comic strips as the Prologue :)

Keep in mind this is when the characters are children. In Between the Sky and Sea they have grown up and matured and the story is fun as well as wonderfully written :) 

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  1. Wonderful strip! I would love to see this in graphic novel form!

  2. I know! And the fact that she did these herself makes it soo much cooler :)


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