Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Born at Midnight Winner!

****** Drum Roll Please *******

The winner of my first Giveaway is: 

Midnight !!!

"My favourite supernatural creature are psychics!
Well, if they're considered creatures :P
Otherwise, shapeshifters! :D"

Well Midnight I think you are going to love this book! Some of the main characters have psychic abilities AND there is a highly amusing shape shifting character as well! I think we found a great fit :)

The winner of this giveaway was randomly selected by rafflecopter , The book will be sent out from the Book Depository and will hopefully get to it's new owner soon. 

If Midnight does not respond by 12am on Saturday Nov 25th a new winner Will be randomly selected

As a side note - I am aware that the Google Friend Connect Follower widget was having problems throughout the giveaway, I am told by fellow bloggers this is an issue many have had. Therefor I went with the Honesty policy: if you selected "I did this" for Follow the blog, and you did not show up in my followers, I did NOT delete your entry.  

If you still want to follow the blog ( which of course I would love ) and you do not see your name in the google friend connect, please try again sometime :)  

Thank you for checking out my blog and entering the giveaway! 
More giveaways to come in the future, 
so keep an eye out to try again! 

Happy reading!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you!
    Just replied to your email (sorry to those who were hoping I won't reply so they'll get a chance xP)~
    And yeah, I just know I would like this book right! ^^
    Love the cover as well!
    Honoured to be your first giveaway winner ;D


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