Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Compound

“"I would have rather had a dad with change jingling in his pocket; one who would have spent the last forty minutes of the world raking leaves for his kids to jump in, so that they perished in one loud, bright instant, giggles still bubbling up from their bellies, never suspecting a thing. 
Yeah, well. Tough luck, rich boy."”
 This book shocked me, outraged me, and gripped me until I finished the last page. 
The United states is under nuclear attack, thankfully the Yanakakisi family ( save two...) is safe in their underground compound, created by their father in case of such a tragedy. But are they really safe? All goes well in the compound until the livestock begins dying, the hydroponic lights are flickering... and other supplies become scarce. The family must begin considering other ways to survive...Horrific.. immoral ways. The oldest son Eli begins to question life in the compound. He begins to question his Father. Many things have been hidden and Eli is determined to learn the truth and protect his family. 
This book is a combination of science fiction and a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing. In the middle of reading this book I found myself pausing and wondering how the author could stand to write about such extreme ideas, but that is what kept me reading. This book has some controversial issues for sure. It may take you out of your comfort zone and make you question what measures you and your family would take to survive. 
"I realized it was a mistake to assume gentleness was akin with weakness."
Rating: 4/5
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