Thursday, October 6, 2011

Movie/ Book Adaptations, the good, the bad, and the " for all that is right in the world leave a good thing alone!!"

I feel that Movies based on books get a bad rep. Of course not every adaptation can be a hit, but we can not deny that nowadays many people wander into the Bookstore looking for the book that "Insert current popular movie here" was based off of. Some of these, I have honestly scoffed at, personal opinions mostly, but when a parent comes in and says " my family just finished the Harry Potter movies, and now we want to read the books together !" it just makes me smile. I want the world to start/continue reading, and hey, if turning it into a movie gets a new readers attention. More power to em'! 
   Then there is the opposite.... Movies adapted into books.... I don't think I can get behind this idea. When I was working at Borders and had a customer ask me to help her find the book that the movie Prom was based off of.. all I could think was " oh honey no...." and then, lo and behold, a month later.. a book adaptation came out, and I wept for the future. I know, I should be for any and all types of reading, but there are just some stories I cannot recommend. Anywho... as a lover of both books and movies, I say big screen adaptations are at least worth a viewing. You never know, they may get the characters dead on and you will end up loving it. Or, you hate it and go back to turning the pages of your well worn book. I see no harm.

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