Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trendsetters: Headless/Nearly Headless

Trendsetters is a meme inspired by a couple different blogs, but most dominantly YA Bookie Monster ! Where I point out Cover trends I have noticed in YA Books ! 

Up this week: Headless/ Nearly Headless

You may be thinking:

Check out the cover I found below and share your thoughts! 


All the covers above were found on a 2012 YA releases list on Goodreads :) if you can think of more ( 2012 releases ) that I have missed please let me know! Have you spotted other trends? Share in the comments!


  1. I get it! I loved your HP reference:) There are many great covers up there!!

  2. It's probably because many of them are series with always the same main character. They want to make sure to have consistency in their covers throughout the series. If model for book 1 is not available anymore, it might be hard to find someone that looks like her.

    Also, since we all picture characters differently, they might want to leave that to the reader's imagination.

  3. I've noticed this trend, and I absolutely hate it. It seems so dehumanizing! I get that it's an anonymity thing... it just bothers me. It's like, look, it's a woman's body... but not her head.

  4. Woah, I didn't even notice that. Lol, thank you for pointing it out! :) Looks like I have to start paying even more attention to the covers these days.

  5. HAHA love it, I never would have looked at the connections before. Cool you crack me up. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  6. I`m loving this meme!

    I think, as with last week`s meme, it`s so the reader can imagine the characters the way WE want to, know what I mean?
    I don't think it's meant to be offensive at all. They're leaving it up to our imaginations!


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