Thursday, March 1, 2012

My wonderful Artsy/Bookish news :)

Some of you already know this, some of you don't, But I am an art student :) Not at a big fancy school, I am not expecting to become the next Picasso, but it's a hobby that I truly enjoy. 

Much of my art comes from my love of reading. Fairy tales, classic stories, and just Bookworm love. Recently one of my Prints was purchased to be used is something so full of Bookish awesomeness, I cannot contain my joy!!

My Red Riding Hood print will be used as Greeting cards and Swag in the promotion of Marissa Meyers' next Book Scarlet !! ( Book #2 in the Lunar Chronicles ) 

Are you squealing right along with me?! No, just me then? OK! lol 

If you have read my review of Cinder ( Marissa's Debut YA Novel ) You know how much I LOVED it :) 
If you haven't read my review : Check it out HERE

So keep an eye out guys! ! These goodies will be used in giveaways soon, would you want to win one?

So that's it, My bookish/Artsy Wonderful news! 

Interested in what else I do? I have an etsy shop now! 

If you are a blogger interested in any of my "Book themed" Art or magnets to use in giveaways send me a message! I'd love to set up a custom order for you :) 

I promise not to fill this blog up with tons of art talk or trying to promote my shop. This was just something I really wanted to share because it is such an amazing opportunity for me and I was excited! 

None of this would have been possible if I had not started this blog and met all of you wonderful people!!!! 


  1. From one art student to another, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so beyond exciting!!! =D Your print is awesome by the way!!

  2. Yayyy I'm so happy for you :) Way to go lady!!!

  3. That's SO awesome! :) I saw you posting this on twitter earlier, and I have to say that I already took a look at your etsy shop every now and then and the art you create looks really amazing. I'm so happy that Marissa Meyers decided to use some of it for promoting her next book.

  4. WOOHOO! :) I bet your glad you can tell the whole world now, huh!


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