Friday, January 27, 2012

In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox is a meme created by Kristi at the Story Siren and inspired by Alea at Pop Culture Junkie. To share what books you have received either for review, from the library, from the bookstore, or from trades.

I made some wonderful connections at the book signing I went to ( see previous post :D ) and One of those amazing people shared some book love with me! Now of course I don't want to be a book hog. So... Some of these lovelies will be shared with YOU my wonderful followers :) Not right away, and not all at once - that would be one big box O.o - But wait and watch :) 

Fall from Grace*
So Close to you
The Temptation*
Waking Storm*
Sweet Evil*
172 Hours on the moon*
Drain You
The Darkness shows the star*
Darkness before the dawn*
Until I die
Social Suicide*
Team Human*
Lost Code*
Partials *
Vanishing Game*
Invisible Sun*
After the Snow*

Some of these, I seriously squealed over haha. others, I hadn't heard of but caught my attention. What do you think folks? Have any you would love to see in a giveaway soon? Share in the comments !

Here are some pics that show their lovely covers :D  

what books have you snagged up recently ?


  1. Oh My...Oh My.. I'm so jealous of your IMM this week! Gahhh Lost Code, Unraveling, and Until I Die?! You're so lucky! I hope you enjoy every single one of them.

  2. @natasha, I'M still kinda in awe of it ! lol I just got lucky! I'm sure I will love tons of them! Keep checking back with me :D You never know what I might Giveaway ;)

  3. Eeeep you're going to love ALL OF THESE! Read Illuminate so we can talk about it hahahahah :D Thanks for sharing <3 You're so fab!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  4. @Anna - I wills soon! I take it it's good? Do I predict epic geeking out in my future ? lol

  5. :O that's quite a large haul you got!

    Oh, you got Endlessly! I'll be waiting for your review :D

  6. Hello! I'm a new follower from the Weekend Gathering blog hop. I'd love it if you would follow me back!

  7. Holy crap!!!! I'm SO jealous! Those are from the signing?! I'm so mad I wasn't able to stick around!

  8. Okay. Totally jealous of your IMM. You made some really awesome connections. :)

  9. @Layen- I am SO excited for Endlessly, a review to come for sure!

    @ Candance and @Vy : I simply got lucky! But I'm nice and will share !

  10. SO many awesome ones!!! I think the one I'm most jealous of is Endlessly.

    Hope you enjoy them all!

  11. This sounds amazing. :) You are so lucky!

  12. I am dying over your IMM this week <3 First, Hemlock and Dreamless and Endlessly? *swoon* Then I see Sweet Evil and Unraveling! So many awesome reads! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on so many of those!

  13. My eyes went straight to For Darkness Shows The Stars. :P Hoping to get my hand on that one soon. Jealous of the people that got an early ARC of it at ALA or some other event. :) Amazing IMM this week.

  14. so so so jealous
    njoy all
    new folower

  15. Holy macaroni girl! So many great books. I am so looking forward to the harper books. Happy reading :)

  16. @Amanda- I cannot wait to pick up endlessly !
    @Lauren - keep an eye out, I will share with you guys soon!

    @Chapter by Chapter- I need 5 of me to read as fast as I want to share!

    @Justin941- I have heard some wonderful things, plus the cover is gorgeous! hope it lives up

    @Roro thanks for following! I'll check you out soon!

    @Erica- Harper is pretty dang amazing, I always find tons I love with them :)

    thanks for commenting everyone!

  17. Oh my gosh - such amazing looking books, and so many of them!! I hope that you enjoy them all. Partials has had such rave reviews! Enjoy them all :)

    Here's my IMM. :)



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