Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge ( Day 2 )

See my response to challenge #1 HERE

2. What's your bedtime reading ritual?

I don't really have a set ritual. Of course I always want to read before going to bed. But that doesn't always work out. 

Sometimes the book bores me 
and I get sidetracked by the TV show playing in the background ( most recently that has been Tudors. ) 

I can't always read before bed. Sometimes I'm just plain exhausted. After work and chores and trying to wrap my brain around everything else in my life. I just crash. 

Sometimes I don't even want to read * GASP * Did I just say that!?
My guy and I have TV shows we watch together, sometimes we just watch until we fall asleep. Fallen Skies, Amazing Race, Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Big Bang Theory. The list goes on. Since my Guy is not a big bookworm like me, I enjoy getting to cuddle up with him after a long day and just watch TV till I fall asleep. 

.. Sometimes he falls asleep before, I turn off the TV, Pull out my book and try to turn the pages super quietly ;) 

Back when I was still living with my parents I would challenge myself. See how many books I could finish in one night! Many a night was spent reading, then listening for my Dad's footsteps... and rushing to click off my light quietly so I wouldn't get in trouble. 

Basically my reading schedule is a bit like my explanation.  It's not set. It's jumbled and all over the place. 

But oh.. those nights when I can curl up in bed with a book in my hand.. a cup of hot cocoa on my nightstand, a cozy blanket wrapped around me and the sound of a good storm outside my window? I dream of those nights. They don't happen often enough. 

So there it is. My Bedtime Reading Routine, that is in no way " routine". What's yours? Tell me in the comments, or create your own post! Be sure to link up @ !

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  1. I don't have a set reading schedule yet. I have plenty of time but it's kind of all over the place anyway.
    I love that you use to try and read as much as possible at night. I've never really had a set bed time.


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