Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunday Post

This Sunday Post is going to be .. ALOT smaller than it aught to be. I have been gifted a ton of books o.O mostly e-books,  but awesome non-the-less. So I'm going to share the ones that I am the most excited about, 
or that I have been told I HAVE TO READ. This will include books I received last month, and so far this month.

Sorry that nothing is linked up this time guys! I took an accidental nap that completely screwed up my productivity!

( Currently reading Revel by Maurissa Guibord and LOVING it ! )

(Hopeless by Colleen Hoover was recommended to me by Jessica at Just a Book Lover . Supposedly it's awesome and will make me love contemporaries... we shall see haha. )

Recieved - Already Read- To Be Reviewed

From Spencer Hill Press

From St. Martin's Press to be used in future giveaway!

I have also been participating in the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine ! Be sure to check out my challenge posts! Feel Free to leave links to your own Challenge posts, Mailbox posts, or.. just awesome reviews! 


  1. EEEEEEP! ALL THE BOOKS!! OMGGGGG! I want to raid your shelf, like NOW!! I still have to read Of Triton, Ten, and Hopeless! And yay for Stalked by Death!! I'm excited to get started on that one! Also, Star Cursed, Shutdown and Asunder!! I still need to read the previous books in those series, stat!! I also really want to read The Vicious Deep, Keeping the Castle and Renegade!! Whoever wins that awesome giveaway you are hosting is one lucky duck!! I hope you love the books you haven't read yet! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the ones you have! Also, you better keep doing these hauls every week or I will hunt you down! AGAIN, DON'T DISAPPEAR NO MORE! *shakes fist* LOVE YOOOOOOOU!

    1. You haven't read incarnate or Born wicked?! HOW DARE YOU! Seriously, Get on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if these weren't mostly e-books, I would totally lend you them.

  2. Hopeless is so fantastic!!!!!!!! I am so glad I'm the one forcing you to read that one. Your St/ Martin's pretties are..well, SO PRETTY! And I have Asunder, but it is not read yet...and I haven't read Born Wicked. And we already discussed the TEN thing. Hallo-Read-Athon! (Is that what you called it? I like whatever you called it.) The cover of REVEL also makes me want to read it. It's so peeeeertty.

    HOPELESS. Get on that, soon! Then read Losing Hope. Then go to Colleen's other series--the Slammed series. Especially Slammed so I can borrow it from you. (hehehe, I'm totally kidding! Or, half kidding. But seriously. You need some Colleen Hoover in your life.)


    Just a Booklover

    1. If you're forcing me to read Hopeless... I'm forcing you to read Born Wicked. DO IT NOW. Don't make me hunt you down! And yes! I was thinking Hallo-Read-Athon? Like? we could totally change it haha. It was just the first thing that came to mind.


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