Wednesday, July 17, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge ( Day 8 )

8. Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs!

Holy cow! 15?! 15!? o.O 

1. Design: I get frustrated with blogs that are just slapped together. Super basic templates are used with no attempt to personalize them. Glaring white backgrounds, blockyness. Blech. I get it for the first chunk of time as you are learning the ropes. Mine probably looked ridiculous as I tried out new things. But other bloggers are so friendly and willing to give "how to" tips! There is also tons of info on the web to help! Personalize it, make it clean, make it something people enjoy looking at. 

That was kinda the negative version huh? well.. erm... flip that all and then you will have what I like! Personality, color, appeal. 

2. non white backgrounds. Sometimes the white can be ok. But personally. I get a headache after awhile. I like blogs that have color :) 

3. Reviews! I love blogs that have alot of reviews! Not Just memes and promos! I hate seeing blogs that are just post after post of promos. It just feels like filler if there is nothing else going on. 

 ( I know that mine kinda looks like that now.. Not promo posts but some filler. I'm working on getting back to active guys I swear! I am working on reviews as much as I can! Doing this 15 day challenge is making me enjoy getting posts up again and I hope to have more soon!) 

4. NO ADS ! I hate when a blogs sidebar and middle are filled with annoying ads from amazon and such. They are obnoxious and make my internet slow :/

5. No music. I love silent blogs. - I listen to my own music or watch shows on my computer while browsing blogs. When I open a new blog and their music interrupts my show? I immediately exit. 

6. Release dates for books that bloggers review as ARCs. I usually have a notebook with me and take notes on books I want to look into further, if they are ARCs I want to know how long I will have to wait! 

7. Fun memes ! While I love alot of reviews, I also enjoy W.O.W posts and Mailbox posts! They help my TBR pile grow by letting me read about books that maybe haven't popped up on my radar yet!

Ya.... 15 points is not going to happen :/ My brain isn't working! These are the top things I notice when I am visiting Blogs! I can sometimes handle one or two things I don't like on blogs.. More than that? 

What things do you enjoy when visiting a blog? What things make you back away quickly?!

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