Thursday, July 11, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge ( Day 3 )

To see my response to #1 go HERE. #2 HERE. 

3. Who are your Blogging BFFs?

This is kinda a hard one for me. Not because I can't think of any. But because there are a couple Awesome bloggers who I feel I was close to, but now am not. 

Katie From Katie's Book Blog , Anna From Literary Exploration and Jessirae from Words, Pages and Books

These girls are amazing! Not only are their blogs amazing, but they have awesome taste in books and are always willing to answer questions! 

It's my fault that we drifted. I got caught up in my life and wasn't on Twitter much, and my blog was also pushed to the side. I hope they can forgive me for disappearing and that we can get close again!

Also a big hug going out to my girl Jessica from Just a Book LoverMy gosh this girl makes me smile. She came to me with blogging questions and my gosh I hope I steered her right! She also is so intuitive, and knows just the right time to send me super sweet tweets to get me in a better mood. I look forward to all the shinanigans we will get up to! Still up for a Hallo-Read-Athon or challenge Jessica!?

Can't forget my name twin! Michelle from In Libris Veritas ! This girl is a phenominal bloggrr and friend. She has brought me up when I was down, helps get me back on track when i'm in a commenting slump and gives great advice ! I am so happy to have found her !

These girls Understand when my feelings are like: 

When I say things like: 

And i'm pretty sure if we ever hung out in person we would be like: 

To you 4 I say: 

Who are your Blogging BFFs !? Share in the comments or make your own post! Be sure to leave a link here and @ !


  1. Aww, thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog. I completely understand having to put aside blogging and Twitter for real life. It happens. I just had to take a break and I'm only just not getting back into things. Hopefully we can find some time to catch up on Twitter soon!


  2. I feel like the same thing happened to me, only worse. I got really sick last year and had to take several months off from blogging, and when I came back my former faves had all closed up shop. There blogs are just gone. I'm the one that was in the hospital, how did all my blogger friends die? Fortunately, I'm starting to find some new ones.

    1. Sad day! Glad that you are doing better and getting back out there! There are some fantastic bloggers out there. The Whole community is so friendly!

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWW, I HEART YOOOOOOOOOUU!!!!!!! You're so nice to me. I am incredibly glad to be your friend!

    I, too, adore Katie, Anna, and Jessirae. Bunches and bunches. I don't think Katie knows it, though, because I'm too shy to say it. Heh.


    Just a Booklover

    1. Woman. * shakes head * You are so not shy! GO SAY HI NOW!


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